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Dibs on the night! Your body feels like it's 3am while the sunrise outside tells your brain something different.

Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

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Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl? - Scientific American

Extensive ethnographies corroborate these observations and suggest that people in traditional societies usually rise shortly before dawn and go to sleep shortly after dusk, to take full advantage of the natural light provided by the sun. If the moon is full then it is possible to see almost as well as during the day, and people take advantage of the light by staying up late and socializing a great deal.

Eventually band members drift off to sleep, with one or two nuclear families around each fire.

EARLY BIRD vs NIGHT OWL - Which One SHOULD You Be - Which One Are YOU?

There is thus no indication in any of the ethnographic evidence that any sustained nocturnal activities occur in traditional societies, other than occasional conversations and singing, in these tribes. It is therefore reasonable to infer that our ancestors must also have limited their daily activities to daylight, and sustained nocturnal activities are largely evolutionarily novel.

The Hypothesis would therefore predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to be nocturnal than less intelligent individuals. An analysis of a large representative sample of young Americans confirms this prediction.

2. Start their workday at 4PM

Net of a large number of social and demographic factors, more intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal as adults than less intelligent children. For example, those with a childhood IQ of less than 75 "very dull" go to bed around on weeknights in early adulthood, whereas those with a childhood IQ of over "very bright" go to bed around The space-time continuum is the only thing unkind to women. Back Psychology Today.

Why night owls are more likely to die early

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From Genius to Madness

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