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Property news. Tar Slick. Pools of crude oil bubbling on the surface of the water. New resource. Rainbow Jellyfish. Coral Nubbin. Replant coral after it's mined. Water Beefalo will produce offspring. Buoyant Chiminea and Sea Lab. Make your base at sea. Sea Yard. Keeps your ship repaired on the water. Tar Extractor.

Gets Tar from Tar Slick. Tar Suit. Temporary protection from wetness. Tar Patch. A sticky situation. Oil Lamp. Quick lightsource for land and sea. Fish Farms. Grow food on the water. Encrusted Boat. Quackering Ram. New craftable for the Quacken Beak. Sea Wall.

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Water craftable wall. Blocks waves. Tropical Bouillabaisse. New recipe with new tropical fish. New recipe with Roe. Fixed a bug that caused an occasional crash when loading minions. Fixed a bug where crafted items would come out wet. Growables can now advance multiple states when off screen instead of one maximum.

Fixed a freeze at the key binding screen. Fix for an animation bug on plantables being picked while windy. Fat Packim will revert back to regular Packim properly now. Fixed a missing texture for Snakeskin rug turf on the minimap. Fixed a duplication bug when using the orange amulet. Fixed Iron Wind missing animation. Fixed Dumbrella color bug. Fixed a rare crash with the telescope. October 25, - Beta Patch Build Rev. Resurrection stones will now work properly when a player drowns. Sharkx should not spawn on land now. Cooked tropical fish animation bug fixed.

September 21, - Beta Patch Build Rev. Sharx are back. Secondary fuel types work properly now. Fixed the functional Tar Extractor when empty of fuel.

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Fixed the harvesting and hammering at long ranges. Sea Chiminea hit animation fixed, looping animation fixed. Cormorant inventory art and land art fixed. Land seagull art fixed. Sea Chiminea can be smothered now.

Filled in some missing examine text. Fixed a crash when trying to place tar in the Volcano. Cooked Roe can be used to make Caviar now. Machines will override throwable targeting. The Sea Legs will be able to turn on a tar extractor now. September 13, - Bonus Beta Branch Rev. Galley and Sea Lab. November 24, - Patch Build Rev. Fixed a bug that caused puddles to stick around after the Monsoon season.

This should now be resolved. Fixed an issue with new string parsing code that was causing button prompts to not show correctly Rev. October 20, - Patch Build Rev.

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The main areas that have been improved are: Gameplay slowing down as the world is explored. Gameplay slowing down after a long play session. Performance during wind storms. Certain creatures brains when they are stuck behind walls. Oh the monkeys. Bug Fixes Fix crash when an object blowing in wind leaves the screen. Hounds progress is correctly synchronized between worlds -- no more hound attacks every time you use the Seaworthy! Now, hounds "progress" is shared across worlds. Altered some Steam Cloud settings to prevent caves from continuously regenerating and progress from being lost.

ROG toggle works properly in shipwrecked-compatible slots. October 14, - Patch Build Rev. The age of the player is now shown on the pause screen, and includes the player's lifetime across uses of the teleportato, i. Bug Fixes Numerous fixes related to synchronizing time between worlds.

Note: If your worlds have already gone out of sync, they will remain out of sync, but won't get any worse. This will prevent issues such as: Entering the caves in one season and coming back in another. Volcano taking ages to load. All your food rotting in your pockets when you travel between worlds. And of course, the clocks getting out of sync!

Backpack Inventory nesting bug fixed in Shipwrecked Placed items that are guaranteed won't spawn unless needed Warly's cookpot Time of day effects e. Floral Shirts now require cactus flowers in ROG and vanilla worlds whether they are shipwrecked compatible or not. When you die in a merged or teleportato'd world, you get XP based on the character age, not the world age.

Terraformed beach tiles will now be tideable. Caves and Volcanoes are merged over as well when merging a Survival world with a Shipwrecked world. Survival worlds now correctly retain their RoG or Vanilla season data when merging with a Shipwrecked world. Fixes a save file corruption caused by inventory stack sizes that go below one. September 20, - Patch Build Rev. Fixed save files being created for each day in game. Contents of boats that are hammered or destroyed will spill out and not be lost. September 16, - Patch Build Rev. Fixes a potential crash when testing if something not in the world is on water.

Fixes a crash with the wake spawner. Fixes a graphic bug with ash. September 1, - Patch Build Rev. Put in a profiling and save submission tool to help track down performance issues. Boats will smash if they end up on land. Fix Wolfgang animation bugs. Fix Maxwell shadows getting stuck in boats if far away. Fix issue with placing queued structures after wearing brain hat. Tentacles are no longer summoned on the water.

Doydoys correctly drop loot, even if they die in your inventory from being fed bad food. Lighter no longer activates if equipped while rowing. Lureplant correctly shows items now. Fix issues where incorrect instrument was showing while boating. Poison now shows as a cause of death in the morgue. Monkeyball sounds better near walls. Lots of examine and character speech typo fixes.

Lots of sound playback issues fixed. Sandhills can now be destroyed. Make sure Rocky overpopulation fixes are properly included in Shipwrecked DLC, as well as other herd-related cleanup. Sunken Boats no longer appear in Adventure mode. June 15, - Patch Build Rev. Merged several string changes from DST. Adjusted some strings to bring them in-line with established lore. Fixed Catcoon Den Crash Fixed a crash on saveindex related to world options on SW compatible RoG worlds Fixed adventure mode crash on SW compatible Vanilla worlds without RoG installed Fixed a crash where GetClosestTile would crash due to a negative index on volcano Fixed a bug where Wilbur would talk when repairing walls Fixed a bug where the inventory grave would reset everytime players jumped between worlds , allowing for infinite item farming Coffee now lasts for its full duration.

Locomotor speed modifier timers now respect long update. You can no longer select invalid inventory slots using a controller. Several items that should not have been inspectable can no longer be inspected when using a controller. Fixed farm crash and volcano staff crash. April 7, - Patch Build Rev. Added some missing names to the credits.

Glommer's Statue drops the Old Bell blueprint again. Cactus Armour no longer changes fire damage scale when unequipped. Rawling can be thrown with a controller. Adjusted placement of buttons on the main screen to prevent overlap issues. The lengths of seasons in shipwrecked and regular worlds now match. Various crash fixes. March 31, - Release Build Rev. You can no longer attempt to start a Shipwrecked world if Shipwrecked is uninstalled. The telelocator base will no longer teleport water entities to invalid locations. The quaken and quaken tentacles can no longer be teleported using the telelocator staff.

Added minimap icon for coffee bushes.

March 29, - Patch Build Rev. Re-wrote some strings for several characters. Bug Fixes All of Maxwell's torches will now show up throughout adventure mode. The telelocator staff can no longer teleport you to invalid locations. Baby beefalo no longer disappear sometimes. Wind conch works year round in shipwrecked worlds now. Clock is now synced between worlds. Willow 's boats can no longer be lit on fire by lightning. Fixed an issue that caused some speech strings to not trigger properly.

March 24, - Patch Build Rev. Total damage dealt increased from 98 to Poison damage now starts off low and ramps up over time. Poison can now be cured with an Venom Gland at the cost of 80 hp. If you have less than 80 hp, ingesting an venom gland will instead leave you with 5 hp remaining.

Increased the chance for venom glands to drop from Poison Snakes. Increased the amount of durability restored by gears. Bug Fixes Abigail no longer stops following you when entering a Boat. Fixed a crash caused by pengulls. Cobblestone recipe reverted in non-shipwrecked games. Birds will no longer have a pirate hat when placed in the birdcage. March 23, - Seas the Day Update Rev. Items equipped by the player will now always take priority over items equipped on the boat. Explosives will now either do work or do damage, not both. Added 2 seconds of hit immunity to the Armoured Boat.

Added 0. Poison will now wear off after one day. Poison no longer tries to catch up when sleeping through the night. Sails can now affect the acceleration of boats! World: Improved ship grave fog. Disabled snow effect in Shipwrecked. Made primeape hut a propagator. Adjusted Poisonous Hole loot.

All tree types can now be planted in both worlds. Wind no longer destroys wildbore or Pig Houses. Grass in mangroves no longer withers. Bioluminescence lights up at dusk and night now, instead of just night. Lavapools can now be extinguished by floods. Creatures: Sharx are not summoned by chumming the water with sharx fins. Increased dragoon health to and charge speed to Removed melee attack from stinkrays. Primeape drops a banana or small meat , not both. Primeapes no longer pick up traps. Primeapes are no longer friendly just because you are friends with another primeape.

More creatures are poisonable. Increased amount of items dropped by whales. Doydoy 's no longer eat whole stacks when fed in your inventory. Packim is immune to fire while in fire mode. Packim is now better at keeping up with the player Wildbores will now help with the hack action. Increased difficulty of quaken fight.