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Eat Bulaga! Sarap Diva since Superstar Duets since Shaman King. We all need to realize that the Universe works in mysterious ways, influencing people to connect in a manner to others that may need this. If we were all living in ancient times, nobody would be arguing about whether this is good or not. So please, think hard about everything before any judgment.

Some of this is in response to Facebook comments. I was a shamanic priest-king who was executed and beheaded by order or my wife, the queen because she thought my beliefs were ridiculous. I have past life memories of this, and my spirit animal has been by my side since the beginning. The purpose of my incarnation in this lifetime is to come full circle, and to be a shaman again after so many years hiding from it. Beautifully put…..

Bless you and your journey… Good luck my fellow light worker. Let your inner teachers and your inborn wisdom teach you. Observe and listen to others but do not assume they know more than you. Witness and access. May your path be blessed. I would love to hear more about your journey as it progresses. All the best to you. Reading your piece was like looking at myself. In church many have tried to call me a prophetess, but I have pushed such a title away.

Perhaps those persons were picking up these 10 qualities about me? Now if only I could find a true mentor… Be blessed! This was so enlightening to me I am in shock. I have been through sexual abuse and have Ben through a very traumatic divorce at which time a psychic ability came to light. My parents told me I talked to people in the other side since I was a child but was told this was evil and to stop this.

I have had fibromyalgia since shortly before the divorce. I would love to know more. Thank you Bonny. Also I hope a demon rapes you in your sleep. I have been like this since I was a very young child, but was discouraged in using my various gifts. I started accepting and using my gifts when I tuned twenty, but in my mid thirties my father and my grandmother who were my biggest supporters died and I was also going through a bad divorce.

I turned inward and quit using my gifts. For the next 30yrs I was miserable and always physically very ill. Now I embrace my life and my gifts and feel blessed to be able to share it with others. Yes all so true… I was born a shaman…, was aware of it through my teenage years.. Ten denied it fir along time …. But my dreams never ceased … It has always been my calling…. And now it is great to be around so many other healers… So many more people seeking and understanding… The world consciousness is changing….

Meaning be one in balance with nature…. Hmmmm… Sounded like you wrote my biography. Thank you so much for your words, which resonate so strongly with me. Particularly as I am bridging my father into the next world at this time. I am thankful to be a holistic nurse practitioner who does healing work in my practice, yet walks in the conventional medicine world also. Always integrating! I am what I have always been! It makes sense ov my life! I feel a power in me and now use it for heeling! My life is amazing! My name was sent to me red hawk I am ready for what I was sent for!

So glad I understand now! Time for me to do my work. Love and light. Ah I so resonate with this since I was a little girl. Feeling so lost. No shaman would have written such a thing as this. The author has no clue what becoming a shaman entails. She seeks attention and to make money. People who go to tribal shamans for training, intending to leave and go back into society and be shamans, and make a living at it, tend, in my experience and observation, to be not what they think, or wish, they are cracked up to be.

Shamans chosen and trained by the Spirit World angels , are something else entirely, Jesus for example. Hope you are feeling better. Mykael David January 18, at pm Wait… what?? I have to be a shaman. I spent much of my teenage years and a mountain called storm King in Cornwall New York. I was there to communicate with the spirits that are present in a powerful place like this.

The site where I used to sleep is said to be an old Indian graveyard which has been totally effaced this point but it was the place that I found to sleep. I pursued education and Western medicine and I find it to be somewhat of a joke. There are many other things that make me know I have been a shaman all long. I feel a strong need to pursue this part of myself in a way that is more formal as to this point I have been self taught. The mountain gave me more insight and knowledge than any other type of education I have received. Thank you for putting this site up.

Wow, this is akin to reading my biography! Combining mainstream medicine with ancient and intuitive medicine is how medicine should be, not one or the other. I know I am supposed to provide a bridge for people to safely pass back and forth between the two types of medicine. I specialize in clinical herbal medicine, clinical aromatherapy, holistic nutrition and shamanic reiki. The sickness that brought me to shamanism in was unbelievable. I trained with Hank Wesselman for 5 years and it has been amazing.

I have great respect for the indigenous people in our country US and it appears that Shaman is a very sacred way of life and special hierarchy in the Native American tribes. Yes, I do believe there are very few people that are blessed with a healing gift. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I have felt this all of my life.

I am currently an ICU nurse. Always love my patients and families. Please send info on any classes you may have. Thank you. The above information is amazing.. I am considered to be a Healer,many people come to me and have cone the here and when I lived in different countries abroad Hypnotherapist, artist, musician.

Feel-good fluff and nonsense. A true Shaman needs to have gone through decades of strenuous physical and psychological initiation under the guidance of a spiritual master. This process invariably involves the ingestion of psychoactive plants in a ritual setting, exploring and mastering different realms of reality and the beings that dwell there, and perfecting psychic, intuitive and healing powers. Do you consider this to be above all the best teaching and guidance? Fascinated with shamans. I have too much humility to consider myself. This article makes me understand why my life is falling into place since my first reiki attunement.

Nev ell Bonner — stop writing so much pathetic dross and get a life you sad and pathetic little individual. This is really interesting and spot on for me. Do you have any recommendations for me? I have always felt a pull towards medicine and being a healer. Thank you so very much I needed this. The The fustration that I feel as a Nurse, you touched on so much in this article thank you again very much.

Take a trip to peru, doesnt have to be some expensive western romanticized huasca ritual. Their are healers and sorcerers everywhere down there. I am like this. It has been lonely. It has cost me a lot. I understood your writings. Thank you for your kind words Lissa, keep inspiring people and one day the world will wake up. Lissa Rankin,are you a shaman? A Sioux Shaman once told me I had three totems. What do you think? I feel I can change the world and I need people to help me.

I have had things like you have wrote about, happen. I will not change for anyone but only for love and divine light of God and our world. The more people to work together the more we can change the world. I see the good in everyone yet, hear all the bad.

I feel like a joke. And I feel how other people feel emotionally and everything else. I look forward to hearing from you too! Kind regards, jade :. I was born that way, and without one organ. Everything you say here describe me. I have heard that before.. Until then, stay the same. Thank you for posting this blog post. I have suffered from fibromyalgia which is hereditary, my Nana has it , bipolar depression bipolar 2 , and nightmares, some of them so severe that I have woken up in physical pain associated with what I was dreaming I suffered— for instance, bee stings.

A lot of this has to do with the wellspring of support that becomes apparent from your deities and the ancestors you work with. But the suffering never completely goes away. Rather, it assimilates and becomes mixed with your joy and your path. You learn to tolerate it, even understand it a bit. What I find interesting is that, the vast majority of the time, a true shaman rejects their role for years before they are initiated into the tradition. For years, I considered myself a witch, a healer—many things— but I refused to associate myself with the word shaman.

I never understood why that was, until I realized I was trying to avoid my own pain. A true shaman knows that being a shaman means pain, hardship, and a relationship with the cycles of death, life, pain, and joy. You experience overwhelming hope and light, but also overwhelming pain and sorrow and death, sometimes your own, and oftentimes that of others. That is part of the job description, so to speak. It takes a long time to come to terms with that reality. It is just reality. Too many people like the idea of the path, read a book and buy a bunch of paraphernalia, host a workshop or two, and thinks that this makes them a shaman.

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The truth is, that in order to be a shaman, you have to have suffered. That can be part of it for some shamans, but that is not the core of what being a shaman is. If you do not know what the core is, you were not meant to know, because it can not be described with words alone. You might find drumming, journeying, and animal spirits to be very helpful. Many people who feel drawn to shamanism are in fact drawn to paths and works that come from traditionally shamanic cultures— or cultures that were either lead by or at least valued shamans in their community.

The fact is, if you are a Shaman, it is not a matter of choice. You can not choose to be a Shaman, and you can not choose to not be a Shaman. Do not go looking to create an ordeal in the hopes of becoming a Shaman. If you are meant to follow an ordeal path, that is your prerogative, and such a path can be meant for many types of people, but it does not ensure that you will become a Shaman.

The idea of being possessed is too painful for me at this point in time, given my history with human beings who were abusive and possessive towards me. Whether you horse or not does not guarantee that you are or are not a shaman. Whether or not you do dream work or spirit work the same way I do is also immaterial. If you are a shaman, your spirits, ancestors, and the constant stream of people asking for your help with healing and for advice, will be the ones to tell you, even if they do not use the word shaman.

Trust me, you will know. Listen to the signs, listen to the whispers. And above all, listen to what your own subconscious, your instinct, your intuition is trying to tell you. Listen to that voice. It will spare you some suffering. But only some. If you are a shaman, you and you alone are the one who can confirm this with your soul. The soul of a shaman is different from all others, and your own inner knowing and the voices of your spirit contacts are higher knowledge than internet trolls and academia combined.

Whether you use a particular method, or use a particular name does not matter. You may or may not have been chosen by your community. You may or may not come from a hereditary line of shamans. You may or may not have a day job in addition to being a shaman. You may or may not have a spouse and children of your own. You may or may not have an official title you go by, or have official recognition as a shaman.

None of this matters, on the spiritual level. Even this is not full proof criteria. The only completely honest evidence is your soul. Just like a person can not help the language they were raised to learn, or how tall they are, a person can not help whether they are a shaman.

This is meaningless, and is ultimately not worth arguing over. You can be a shaman and still participate in buying such goods or books, or what have you. This will not make you any more or less of a shaman. Good stuff. Shamans are a part of every culture. The Egyptians also had powerful magicians. Shamans and magicians are really struck from the same lighting bolt. They both use rituals, potions, meditations, and journeys to heal people and to work magic for the betterment of the community. Shamans tend to be more connected to rural areas and work with nature spirits, while magicians tended to be more connected to cities and towns and used ritual magic and communed with angelic and demonic beings.

Aliester Crowley studied all kinds of ritual magic, but he also spent a year in the Mexican desert taking peyote with shamans. Most spiritual or magical people will become shamans, or they will have a period in their life where they turn to shamanism, for a certain time period, in order to heal themselves or discover deeper spiritual truths. Hello I have been reading your comments and would like to thank you. I am currently following my gifts and have recently discovered that I am a Shaman and Wizard.

I also am a clairvoyant, psychic, medium empath and healer. That of which I believe is because of the Shamanic calling. I am still learning as I have much to learn. If you wouldnt mind helping me or give me any advice you have I would appreciate it. Look, im going to stop talking like im not talking about me. I am experiencing an intense spiritual awakening and a calling which has brought me here. I had a reading done recently that said I am a Shamanic Wizard. I have had many hardships in my life and I feel like I am. Not sure where else to go from here about it.

Any help would be appreciated or an email. You do not have to be a anything to see the world is going in the wrong direction. The birth, education, care, treatment, understanding, the environment,concern and compassion for all that take breathes,being,love, heart, feelings and sensations…we know that everything is wrong. We feel truly acts and recognize what is just advertising. We know that we want different and better. But we feel stuck between the obligations….. I do not even know what a shaman is. With my bad English I read this text and uncontrolled crying on every word, every second of my life that I spent waiting for rescue, waiting for someone to take my hand and says …in that way is a happy place, there is a place where are people like you.

I feel human suffering and pain …. Well, I want to be crazy … I do not want to live under other conditions. Why is everything upside down? Until a few years ago I saw the occasional aura around people. Now I do not see it. As it is an impenetrable wall around me. My shaman friend and mentor shared this with me. To say these things out loud is so new that I still cower a little as the words slip through me and onto a public forum. I have been told and it was very specific that I am a shaman. The visions are Getting stronger and I feel terrified and alone and yet I want to know how to carry out my duty and to do it in a way that is the most helpful.

Please help guide me as I need an elder or many elders. Hi every one. I feel I am having a shamanic calling! Feel like for the last twenty years or so maybe even long my life has been ripped apart by trauma after trauma that lead me to study spirituality. Since such I have gained a few gifts downloads of information.

I feel so alone never have ever fiited in society and always seen has the strange one! But who people turn to in crisis that leave once I have helped them.. Like I said they has been so much if anyone can be of assistance would be most gratful much love and gratitude to you all. I have this strange occurance happen often. I can be thinking about something that I want to mention to some one in the room with me. They suddenly start telling me exactly what I am thinking about to tell them.

It blows me away. I also think of calling someone and my phone rings. I dream of something happening and in a day or so it happens. Sometimes it is good and sometimes bad. I have been in stealth mode for much of my life, my intuition cautioned me to be discerning and I listened. The following is for anyone that chooses to benefit. We are indeed the bridge makers and holders, every gesture we make helps to usher in the continuing improvement of consciousness.

We are here to overcome our fears both together and alone, life in this material realm is hard because it needs to be in order for lessons to be consolidated. Each lesson learned contributes to a more evolved understanding that is instantly shared by all, yet not all are ready to accept and utilise the lesson, over linear time however, lessons do come through.

Life in this realm is also glorious in moments. Courage, kindness and respectful conduct with all that you encounter will help heal the wounds that bind us all. I am grateful for the whole experience and look forward to seeing balance being restored. The spiritual truth with bring sanity back to the material realm and nature will once again feel the peace it deserves. I was wondering if you had any statistics on how many people or what percentage of the population US, the world would answer yes to 10 out of 10 signs?

You say all this and then you want me to buy your book. It always seems to come down to money. Yes, I am! Finally found the name of my true calling. I am a shaman. Life has moulded me from the days I was born, and I could make a profound tick against each point mentioned here. Thank you! Great post. The Shaman archetype is a good experience but also a bad experience. How can one have both? Only the shaman knows. I had to check-mark every point that you made. Shamans not only experience these things, but the deeper your call is, the more intense the ecstasy of it, but also the pain.

Shamans often feel deep pain when they are mistreated or see others mistreated. They often watch their dreams of fame, money, and cultural respect vanish before their eyes over and over again until finally, at age 50, they give up on their dreams and become the true shaman. Good shamans are very humble because they have been crushed and wounded over and over again by the divine and the spirits that are part of that divine. Many shamans live on low incomes but have learned to be happy because of the joy and ecstasy of the power that resides within them.

Shamans often have evil people thrown on their path to rob them, wound then, gossip about them, and injure them. Shamans often have interesting sex lives. They also get free stuff, such as NFL tickets, from people who appreciate their healing power. They also can become fairly well off in the end because the divine can bless them out of appreciation for their service.

You will not find rest or happiness until you embrace it. The powers that you will experience are hard to define and can be very uncomfortable for years, but as the years go by you will begin to embrace that power as the most important thing in your life. Sometimes my hands get so hot. Her alone I am saying this with my own mind then she was smiling and brought her complete attention to me. I have so many things that are so unexplained in my life I need some kind of answer.

Ithink there are only mayne one of these i dont understand the rest even my husband agreed are dead on!! We all come in different colours. You, however, are pure filth. How awful to be you. This is so weird. I was able to truthfully answer 9 out of the 10 questions. Now what? There is something different going on with myself and it started with some unexplainable thing since I experience all of this.. Let the pain pass through you. By becoming one with darkness, you will find the light in the dark. Lissa this is amazing, just got back from Standing Rock and a whole big story— is there a way to consult with you or talk to you?

I see it in the rocks lately!!!!!! Oh My Gawd!!! I am a shaman I just found out about myself 2 years ago please give me an advice with way I need to go next? But, sometimes I feel being marginalized and my capabilities on healing, knowing, or anything are just being obstacle for my life. This is sad for me to read because before I involved myself with negative entities, I fit all the descriptions. Someone help me. Ah ha, your article speaks volumes.

I have not communicated with any spirits actively, but for the past months, I feel like I know how to, but know as soon as I do, I would always actively have to seal the box for some sanity in our mainstream. This is some real magic right here. Everything comes from a seed and then it decreases in potency whether an idea, a construction, or an edible. When you find the source of everything, you wake up to this devolved nature. Who gave us imagination though.

I guess we did really. I think of it however as like being a beauty spot on this part of Earths skin. My big question to be quite frank is whether I bring light or joy into this world from now on I have to some extent already what difference does it make when I will perish and ultimately everybody else too at some point. I have no faith in there being an afterlife or spirit world, so you could just as well argue that you are doing people a favour by not bringing life or light into this world. You have open the door of true wisdom , I only hope I can walk through to gain a more enlightened way.

I have never had any direction in life avoiding being trapped in one way or another. My dog Finnegan is also a healer he helps the dogs with anxiety issues and calms them right down. I read your page here. And sounds like you was describing me. Where can I go to learn more? And are there places in Wisconsin that can help me know if I fit this? I am interested in learning more as i said it sounds like you are describing me. Thanks for your help an time reading this. The people I care strongly for I send my energy to and I know it works I am felt heard and use my power in the best form.

For the ones who try and have hurt my loved ones r seen so much from now from all sources. Thank you for the powerful and important information. I am a bridge worker and I communicate telepathically with animals, know my guides and work with the Ascended Masters. My book is done and is all about the direct learning I experience with my animal friends on the 4th and 5th dimension. The term stealth is a term I used in my book too.

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Peace and Love to All. I was always fascinated by shamans, the native tribes, ancient civilizations, the spirit world and I absolutely love animals. Does that make me a shaman? I knew who I was, now I know not who I am. I have so many questions though most of the answers I already know. I thought I knew until about 4 months back in March.

Shortly after my 60 year young Birthday, I was told by my X that I had the eye. I was born with it and never knew what I had been given. To say the least an eye opening life changing event. Since then I have been methodically searching for answers. I go where the path leads me.


So now I am here. I will stop for now just to hear your response. I have made things move without touch such the volume on stereo up and down, opened a door without touch, summoned bat, dogs, pigs, birds, telepathically reached out to people, healed people I. I qualify on 7 counts except 7,8,9.

Even when I was very small 4 to 7 years , I felt that the world is a very strange place and I will never be able to adjust with it. I have a childhood in which the caregivers themselves persecuted me and observed teachers persecuting innocent kids. I hoped that I will die soon or my life will take a positive turn. None of it happened, I have crossed For a passive observer I am leading a successful life.

But I am lonely and was lonely for most part of my life, and I am looking forward to my death. I would not think about suicide, since I am afraid that the God may send back me to earth again. If it was within my power, I would have created websites to organize people about mindless corp orates.

For e. Does he thinks that people do not have any other business other than figuring out how the new system is working? Instead of Mr. Gates telling the world what they should use, if the people who use his software unite in an online forum and start telling him what improvements he should bring in his product or the need to bring an abridged version of his software it would end the quest for seeking mindless self importance. Welcome your conected to the network of all who were before and the present.

Im in need of a Native American Shaman. I feel the calling from within my soul. I need to be healed and taught to protect myself spiritually. You can check my Three books by xiong fong one is playing to throne the second is 12 power of the throne and third is path to freedom. I recently plucked up the courage to open up to a group of people for help, and many of them suggested I might be a shaman. Having no idea what that is, I was lead to this article.

I am a surgical Technologist. I am very spiritual and I get feelings I. The OR. I am not sure really how to do this. If a patient expires I do help with cleaning up the body for the family to view. I was wondering if their is a process to assist the soul to move on, that I can help with. I have worked in the health care system for many years. I need to find myself!! Here I am, due to, a woman that directed me to, Shamanism, from facebook. At 69 years old this November, recognizing, feeling, a pull in many different directions, and doing my best to focus.

I was walking the land near where I stay. I have always been drawn to this area as long as I can remember.

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Is this a hint of something…like…pertaining to any native traditions? Perhaps a sign that I am a Shaman? Since then I have amassed a large collection of stones. In fact, today I found a pea sized one and it lead me to another, much larger stone of many stones. I can definitely vibe with this. I did go to the Amazon jungle, alone, to partake in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies with an actual shaman. Time alone. Severe time alone until all words dissapear and you meet you. From there, you will know if the path is for you and then you will know the way. And we must remember that in the circle of life, we are one.

All my relations. Amazing how this and other posts are popping up like wildfire in my browser. This is me! Today I cleared relationship issues and made way for forgiveness and love. I discovered that I am a rare personality, a type of sensitive. I accept my psychic gifts where before kept hidden to avoid ridicule. I find confidence in my aptitude for nursing and my interest and care for animals.. I finally feel ok for being different. My soul purpose is to seek union with source. None other. I strongly feel that we are one yet appalled at the many divisions.

I seek peace in nature, in breeding ragdoll cats and chinchillas. I have no idea where this will lead but my depression is leaving and finally I am beginning to be at peace. Gratitude for each word in this article. It was absolutely helpful in my process of seeing myself as a shaman, someone who wants to heal people and heal people though healing situations. Thanks, now my world makes sense to me! Thought I was going mad.

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In which culture does surviving a lightning strike indicate a shaman? This seems like a very broad, bold statement to make as every place around the world has a different shamanic tradition. Just to a degree off course, but enough to realise that they needed to work on themselves before anything else. I hope that you address the time needed to be alone. Without knowing one self, you can never know your true path. Shamanism is a path that finds one. It is the path of no label, no name. We are no one. You must have darkness to understand light and if you accept that you can love all and when you love all you do lift the world up little by little but combined and collectively that is a huge lift!

But something bought me to this sight and propelled me to share! I am too a shaman. Out of Singularity We Arrived Made from the dust of long ago burnt out stars which went super nova where the iron in our blood carries the oxygen to or brains for a thought of awareness that we are still one all formed billions of years ago brought into the now. By definition the eternal remains the same but from it comes the forces some call OEM others creation salvation and the holy ghost like a string pluck on a musical instrument with 3 parts attack sustain and decay but what underlays it all is the eternal.

Let us go down and create so here we are part of a pattern that weave through the days and nights of space and time. With each breath fell the vibrations, see the lights flicker and be true to oneself this is your time to life in harmony. Out of Singularity We Arrived Made from the dust of long ago burnt out stars which went super nova, where the iron in our blood carries the oxygen to or brains for a thought of awareness that we are still one all formed billions of years ago, brought into the now.

By definition the eternal remains the same but from it comes the forces some call OEM others creation salvation and the holy ghost, like a string pluck on a musical instrument with 3 parts attack sustain and decay, but what underlays it all is the eternal. Let us go down and create, so here we are part of a pattern that weaves through the days and nights of space and time. With each breath fell the vibrations, see the lights flicker and be true to oneself this is your time to live in harmony.

Either way, you are being rude and you should delete the comment you made. I am that I am , All of our mountains and all our beaches are all that ewe are. Please stay close to your family ,even if no good. If family poision walk far away but not too far! Then as shamen Us will find a soft sweet good way. As shamen we will walk softly close but too close to family. Than as we grow old shamen moves with family to cure out of balance things. I applaud your apparent devotion in the face of disbelief and ignorance. It is a sin that Truths have been perverted to suit self centered gains.

A focal point a so much illness. Take courage, it IS the good fight! Please try to find a answer for me everyday I feel more confused about myself. Please can you help me?? Simply , all life is one. You have to remove the Monkey Mind as it just wants more and more Bananas. This is the basis Core of all of Existence. We are the Children of the Universe.

In moments when everything as we know it is shattered and our minds start to fill with fear the only answer is surrender, trust, release and receptivity, so love can enter and fill all the spaces not living any room for doubt or fear to enter. Everything that comes our way is part of our journey to the source of all. I am working on surrendering and trusting. But still a long way to go. I am requesting prayer so I can find inner peace in this very challenging times. Our beliefs are who we are. People get stuck on the subject instead of the meaning the subject is projecting, and of course there are as many meanings as there are minds.

All my suffering in life has been from my own thoughts, and not from others as I had thought for so many years. In life there is sunshine and rain, and I always became very sad because I thought my life consisted of more rain than sunshine. Now I have a different thought, and that is- what does rain bring with it? Rain brings growth, and I now understand why there was so much rain in my life. I never truly opened up and gave my whole self to another, as I understand true love to be, until I was 55 years old.

Thank you for this article! Thank you Shaman Lissa Rankin for this insightful and clear article. We have been directed to respond to this thread: Infinite Source Love has asked us to donate our Sacred Shamanic offerings from our pure heart energy for a brief period of time. It is our Shamanic practice to always follow Source guidance unconditionally without resistance, self will or fear. So to the courageous of the heart and brave of the mind person seeking free Shamanic help, we can help you.

Already your are feeling relief. You have so much mind energy operating in your field of your human-Soul system. I came upon this thread by Divine hands and feel guided to share this Conscious energy that we have been directed to name Avaala.

Shaman King - Chapter 31: Get A Oracle Bell

You are calling in are other mind-driven responses as it serves as a reflection for your inner world. When Consciousness activates our pure heart energy the name of the energy is called Avaala , our heart first buzzes and twinges and responds. You all have felt this sensation before — you feel expansive, you feel limitless, you feel ultimate gratitude and appreciation for All that is without the need to control, manipulate, judge and dismiss. Your heart feels full — full of compassion, full of acceptance, full of understanding, letting go, allowing, trusting and receiving the energy of true unconditional Divine love — Avaala.

It is the energy Source uses to create. There have been many names. This one is activated for 5D — the period of space where humanity rises in Consciousness and awakens energetically to their infinite Godself within. Your true identity, your true origin. Your own Conscious energy heals your human story and regenerates you to your original state of wholeness and well-being. All your Spiritual gifts open and no lower density can pull you down into ego reaction. You come from an energy of calmness and sacred neutrality and this is what you share — this is Conscious Love.

Everything else is projection and your endless human loops and stories. You change and then change back. It is about total transformation. Transformation into an embodied and Conscious Being — self responsible and self realized in your own personal mastery of energy and subtle energy bodies. Mastering the damaged toddler, inner teenager — the operating system of a Divine human story you and your Soulmates wrote before coming into this lifetime of simultaneous reality. It is here you can live with the purpose of mastering your human energy with your Soul Consciousness.

When this happens, energetically and then physically, all of your highest manifestations are possible. This is your true divine identity. You are Heaven on Earth. This is how we use our own Soul energy to heal and regenerate ourselves. You do this for yourself on every level — mental, physical, emotional, energetic, psychic bodies. You master your own Spiritual, energetic hygiene then you are ready to create your new story using this energy.

All are welcome to receive and donate what you feel your healing is worth to you. Have and not have is an illusion. It is an infinite Source. Attract and magnetizing money energy into your experience is far more effective than going out and forcing it within your human story. You all hold so many limited attachments to money that holds you a prisoner. Money is an energy that is neutral. It holds energy so we always clear the money that comes to us with Conscious love and appreciation to the true Divine Source of Money.

Your perceived lack is just a story. Shift your story to: I align myself with all resources that will help me to live my Soul Path and fulfill my Divine purpose on Earth. My Soul is guiding me to my highest path and I am a powerful manifestor as it benefits my highest good and the good of All. I trust in the Divine in me. I choose to let go and allow and receive.

We honor you for asking for Divine assistance for free. Ask and ye shall receive. We consciously love and hold Sacred space for you AlL. White people are not shamans! Call yourself a healer or psychic, but not a shaman. That is the difficult thing with the human race, they will always see us separate in some way and that is not the true healer.

Shaman or not, we all can heal. Learn to heal yourself, you have it in you. I help animals and people but I do not call myself any archetype names because I am what I am, not what someone else is. Remember the best healing can be laughter and that is a big part of my help to others. If you feel lost or have faltered away from your path. Ask your dreams to guide you and look to those close to you who are strong and that live you. We are all in this together, help each other out. I charge very minimal fees for my services because I feel spiritual work should not exclude those less fortunate.

But I have helped many for over 30 years for free and I feel as if that is coming back to be in kind. Lissa your light is amazing. I remember reading Mind Over Medicine and being blown away. I have just finished a 9 year awakening thru which I had some extremely difficult times. About 3 months ago a Shamanism retreat came across my path and I knew I had to go. It was preordained to attract only the 30 of us that went. I found out that I was born in a vortex and was a Shaman and a Mystic. This was like coming home, and explained so many things in my life.

We were given several gifts, one of which is called Sound Current Healing. I can literally send huge amounts of energy thru my hands Angel assisted. I am so excited to finally know I am not alone. HI there, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I may have been ignoring my calling to the detriment of myself and upon realizing this scary new addition to my already lengthy resume of socially unacceptable personality traits I felt so so alone and took a leap of faith here right now doing this. I need support and information to help me manage this business and live a happy life please do contact me when you have a minute.

I am a black shaman…and very confused…. Many are called but few will answer.

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Many of us have the calling but do not know where to turn and begin the process of helping, guiding, or healing others. Some reserve the skills of using magic to exalted saints, shamans, or a remote founder of the religion. Wicca is one of the religions that teaches magic as being […]. Hello , my name is anonymous got now.. But I thought I would share , I have a special kind of interaction with nature I am able to become, let go,.. I have several times within its connection hear it speaking to my soul almost.

He followed for some time I set my hand out to it because I just knew it trusted me? This Bird Was not scared or intemidated by me in no means..